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Reviews for: No 1 Barley Wine

From: White Shield (Coors)

ABV: 10.5%

Quality Ales Rating:6.50 from 1 reviews

From: tombyars - 1031 Rank: Lieutenant General Butt
Rating: 6.50
The ultimate barley wine? Not as complex as I would have hoped! It is not subtle by any means as this ale does grab you by the throat and gives you a good shaking down. Sampled at the Winter Beer Festival in Glasgow, November 1997. Mahogany black in colour with thin head quickly disappearing! Aroma - practically pure ethanol with a hint of sweet sherry. Very, very strong flavours boom in the mouth. Thick syrupy mouthfeel with fruit sweetness consisting of honeydew melon, peach & mango. Notes of caramelised dates at the end as the warmth spreads down the throat like sweet alcoholic cough medicine. No hops detected in aroma or taste.
Submited On: 2007-07-21

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