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Reviews for: Paradox

From: Brewdog

ABV: 9.5%

Quality Ales Rating:5.88 from 4 reviews

From: tombyars - 1031 Rank: Lieutenant General Butt
Rating: 2.00
I was looking forward to tasting the strongest ale from the Brewdog portfolio - but what a shock!! Jet black in colour with a creamy white head that soon vanished. Overpowering aroma of Dettol and this aroma prevails into the taste. Very phenolic (matured in Laphroaig whisky barrels?)taste mingles with a slightly salty seaweed tang combined with a rich peaty aftertaste. Not to my liking, maybe one for the whisky drinkers?
Submited On: 2007-07-16
From: Sigmund - 395 Rank: Colonel Barrel
Rating: 7.00
Edition #1 Islay Cask, 330 ml bottle, at the Bon Accord, Glasgow. Black colour, ruby in the highlights. Large and lasting creamy head. Very strong aroma of tar and peat. Extremely peaty and tarry flavour, just too much of the good stuff. Rating: 5.5
Speyside Edition: Cask conditioned at Blackfriars, Glasgow, as "Brewdog Paradox Glen Moray Edition #3". Weighs in at 10% ABV - not quite your average pint at the pub! Black colour, ruby in the highlights. Very nice vinous aroma with strong oaky notes. Very oaky flavour, roasty and relatively sweet. Salty finish. Rating: 7
Edition #2 Grain Whisky: Cask conditioned at Blackfriars, Glasgow, as Paradox Edition #2 Grain Whisky. Black colour, ruby in the highlights. Very nice aroma of woodwork. Roasty, fiery and alcoholic flavour with strong woody notes. Notes of vanilla too. Rating: 7
Submited On: 2007-09-14
From: K Folwell - 3457 Rank: Head Of Allied Command
Rating: 7.50
Black, strong, imperial stout. Smokey with a distinct peaty taste. Good whisky flavours from the storage vessels finishing dry.
Submited On: 2008-03-21
From: Nick - 2468 Rank: Field Marshall Tun
Rating: 7.00
Brewdog make some sensational ales but this was rather an enigma. Powerful and robust with rich fruit and a hint of whiskey yet slightly sour and rather too bitter in the finish. Perhaps this is why they called it Paradox!!
Submited On: 2008-04-23

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