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Reviews for: Bombardier Premium Ale

From: Wells & Youngs

ABV: 4.3%

Quality Ales Rating:5.35 from 13 reviews

From: Nick - 2468 Rank: Field Marshall Tun
Rating: 5.00
A mid amber coloured ale with a slightly sulphury aroma. Very little taste in the mouth and a bland aftertaste make this a very ordinary bitter. I suggest the headbrewer try's Oakam's Bishops farewell to see what can be done. Very plain.
Submited On: 2004-02-28
From: luke - 216 Rank: Lieutenant Colonel Kilderkin
Rating: 5.00
This can be simply described as bland,with little flavour and aroma. There are a lot better beers out there and this one should be avoided if possibe.
Submited On: 2004-03-10
From: matt635 - 431 Rank: Colonel Barrel
Rating: 5.00
I knew before I tried this, that it was going to be bad... and it was - but... not as bad as I expected. The initial bite and flavour is okay, but after that it is just totally average (at best)...
Submited On: 2004-03-14
From: barthez - 808 Rank: Major General Hogs Head
Rating: 4.50
This is another average beer from another big brewery that puts no effort into brewing. Amber coloured with a fairly tame neutral taste.
Submited On: 2004-04-25
From: Sigmund - 395 Rank: Colonel Barrel
Rating: 7.00
(Export version, ABV 5.5%. Can.) Original rating: Most English 'bitters' are not very bitter at all - but this one is! Too bitter for my taste. Rerate: It's NOT too bitter for my taste! (What was I thinking the first time I had it? I must have been out of my mind!) The nutty bitterness is just right, great refreshment on a hot day. Not outstanding, but a GOOD ale, for sure.
Submited On: 2004-10-19
From: K Folwell - 3457 Rank: Head Of Allied Command
Rating: 6.00
Malty dominant mid brown best bitter. Traces of sulphor in the background finishing dry and slightly bitter. Ok, but I remember this beer being far better in the past.
Submited On: 2005-04-05
From: archroy - 14 Rank: Sergeant Gallon
Rating: 4.00
malty ale, how beers used to be. so many much better beers around now, so is somewhat lacking in all departments. lives on reputation alone
Submited On: 2006-03-09
From: dirtydetko - 21 Rank: Sergeant Gallon
Rating: 6.00
Nice, easy to drink but is slightly average
Submited On: 2007-02-12
From: euans_oe - 10 Rank: Sergeant Gallon
Rating: 7.50
Very smooth. Goes down a treat in the summer.
Submited On: 2007-05-09
From: kevin b - 112 Rank: Captain Firkin
Rating: 6.00
Another bottle,quite dark for a bitter not unpleasant but i've had better.
Submited On: 2007-08-05

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