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Reviews for: Iceberg

From: Titanic

ABV: 4.1%

Quality Ales Rating:8.33 from 12 reviews

From: luke - 216 Rank: Lieutenant Colonel Kilderkin
Rating: 9.00
This is quite rightly one of the best beers I have had in a while. Light refreshing and hoppy it is truly an outstanding pint which must be tried if your local can get it.
Submited On: 2003-10-19
From: Nick - 2468 Rank: Field Marshall Tun
Rating: 9.00
Excellent Light, hoppy, refreshing beer Loads of flavour just what a good beer is all about.
Submited On: 2003-10-19
From: barthez - 808 Rank: Major General Hogs Head
Rating: 8.00
Good all round beer. Plenty of flavour. An ale you will always be pleased to see.
Submited On: 2003-11-08
From: matt635 - 431 Rank: Colonel Barrel
Rating: 6.50
I can't say I was stunned by this - but baring in mind that I prefer darker stronger ales - this does have a distinct flavour and it is quite easy to sink one down (pardon the pun!)
Submited On: 2003-12-31
From: tipsytoad - 7 Rank: Corporal Quart
Rating: 8.00
The perfect summer thirst quencher, slightly dry, tangy and crisp with good bitterness in the aftertaste. Suprised me to find out later it is a wheat beer. Its getting to become a bit of a cliche but my friend and i always comment that a Titanic beer always goes down well. A good beer from a good brewery
Submited On: 2004-08-02
From: Trotts - 302 Rank: Colonel Barrel
Rating: 9.00
Excellent thirst quenching golden bitter. A dry finish with a hint of citrus. An excellent brewery.
Submited On: 2004-08-19
From: Filo - 1 Rank: Private Pint
Rating: 9.00
Nice crisp beer, a wheat beer that does not become sickly. Excellent beer for the summer time or as a refresher after drinking some of the heavy winter ales
Submited On: 2004-12-06
From: K Folwell - 3457 Rank: Head Of Allied Command
Rating: 8.50
Straw/yellow clean looking wheat beer. Refreshing, lively drink with a sweetish aroma and a dry fruity taste. Good, hoppy, pleasing drink.
Submited On: 2005-04-26
From: AlexK - 9 Rank: Sergeant Gallon
Rating: 8.50
Excellent, straw coloured, refreshing beer. Lots of tangy hops and citrus overtones lead to a very satisfying, dry, finish. One I always go for when I see it on the bar.
Submited On: 2005-05-30
From: Christ - 40 Rank: Lieutenant Pin
Rating: 8.50
Light, dry, crisp and mightily flavoursome. A great quencher and each pint follows on from the previous effortlessly. I enjoyed this alot.
Submited On: 2005-10-11

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