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Reviews for: Landlord

From: Timothy Taylors

ABV: 4.3%

Quality Ales Rating:7.28 from 16 reviews

From: Nick - 2468 Rank: Field Marshall Tun
Rating: 7.50
A classic pint. Well hopped with an extremely distinctive citrus tang. This would consistentley rate as one of my very best bitters in the UK.

Very rarely do you find a poor pint of Timothy Taylors. This Brewery really shows the big boys how it should be done.
Submited On: 2004-10-01
From: barthez - 808 Rank: Major General Hogs Head
Rating: 8.00
Consistently good beer. But certainly not worth more than 8!!!
Submited On: 2003-10-18
From: luke - 216 Rank: Lieutenant Colonel Kilderkin
Rating: 8.00
A very high quality beer, a good hoppy taste with lots of flavour.
Submited On: 2003-10-30
From: matt635 - 431 Rank: Colonel Barrel
Rating: 6.00
Pretty good, pretty neutral flavour wise, pretty barmaid served it to me... which is always good. It was abit too sharp in the aftertaste, and lacked any defining flavours. Definately not bad, If they've got no other proper beers on don't resort to Stella - try this.
Submited On: 2004-02-07
From: clive - 302 Rank: Colonel Barrel
Rating: 7.00
Lovely stuff, an old school type of bitter with a nicely mild hoppy taste.
Submited On: 2004-09-13
From: Sigmund - 395 Rank: Colonel Barrel
Rating: 8.50
Excellent cask ale! Rule Britannia!
Submited On: 2004-10-21
From: K Folwell - 3457 Rank: Head Of Allied Command
Rating: 8.50
One of my all time favorites. A smooth bitter start with brassy dry undertones. Hints of spice develop along with a sulphory finish.
Submited On: 2004-11-08
From: Greg - 11 Rank: Sergeant Gallon
Rating: 7.00
Copper in colour, a little scent, fizz on the tongue. A good dry and bitter after taste. A good faithful ale, always seems to taste good in whatever establishment
Submited On: 2004-11-09
From: Christ - 40 Rank: Lieutenant Pin
Rating: 7.50
A fair bet if there is nothing extra special on. Consistent from place to place. Malty with a tiny tartness on the tounge. Speaking of tartness... Apparently Madonna orders this by the barrel for home consumption but then, she is an american.
Submited On: 2005-10-10
From: Graeme - 18 Rank: Sergeant Gallon
Rating: 6.00
Light Amber/red colour. Quite tangy, but light beer. Worth a supp.
Submited On: 2006-01-06

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