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Reviews for: Spitfire

From: Shepherd Neame

ABV: 4.5%

Quality Ales Rating:4.93 from 14 reviews

From: Nick - 2468 Rank: Field Marshall Tun
Rating: 4.00
A dark malted beer typical of the Kentish style. No real exciting aromas or flavours, Infact its rather watery bland and tasteless. It is simply another mainstream beer of rather dubious distinction.I would not have a session on this as I could never enjoy it and would have to go seeking another pub. Pull your socks up Shepherd Neame this is poor.
Submited On: 2003-10-28
From: luke - 216 Rank: Lieutenant Colonel Kilderkin
Rating: 4.00
This is a rather poor beer from one of the larger breweries, lacking in real flavour and aroma. Avoid this beer unless there is nothing else.
Submited On: 2004-03-10
From: barthez - 808 Rank: Major General Hogs Head
Rating: 3.50
I think Spitfire is one beer that is always asscociated with real ale but unfortunately it is a very poor example. Low in flavour with a strange metallic flavour, basically it is one to avoid.
Submited On: 2004-05-24
From: Christ - 40 Rank: Lieutenant Pin
Rating: 3.00
What is a Shepherds Neame?... Is it the descritive term given to the run off of moisture that collects in the tip of his overworked shepherds boot.
Because coincidentally that's what this beer tastes like.
Submited On: 2004-07-25
From: Sigmund - 395 Rank: Colonel Barrel
Rating: 8.00
Cask conditioned this is just an excellent ale. Enough said. Rerate May 14 2002: Had this one again today from can + bottle (bottle slightly better) in Norway, not nearly as good as cask conditioned, but still a very drinkable ale. Could use a little more aromatic hops. Rerate 2: I take back what I said about can vs. bottle. I found a retailer who stores the cans cold, and they're a helluva lot better than the frequently skunky (clear!) bottles, which are stored warm at my other retailer's. Well kept, I just love the nutty freshness of this ale.
Submited On: 2005-08-30
From: kevin b - 112 Rank: Captain Firkin
Rating: 4.50
tried this from a bottle had no real taste just very bitter,had to add lemonade to finish it!!!never throw beer away,nice colour thats the best of it.not for me.
Tried this again 02/05 enjoyed it better from the pump than the bottle have re rated it up not too bad but still would only drink it if no other choice,alternative at this bar ansells!!nuff said!

Submited On: 2005-02-15
From: K Folwell - 3457 Rank: Head Of Allied Command
Rating: 4.00
Stuck for any other drink on this occasion I tried a spitfire. I tried to get into it but quite honestly this was bland. It wasn't a bad pint just sad, drinkable but lacking any real taste or flavour.
Submited On: 2005-01-10
From: Hbie - 11 Rank: Sergeant Gallon
Rating: 7.50
Sounds like the other reviewers have not had this beer when it is not in good condition, when it is on form this is a good bitter if a bit thin for the strength.
Submited On: 2005-01-17
From: clive - 302 Rank: Colonel Barrel
Rating: 5.50
This Kentish ale flatters to deceive. Looks nice enough and when served well had nice nose, but is a bit bland.
Submited On: 2005-06-13
From: Bill - 5 Rank: Corporal Quart
Rating: 7.50
If you drink it in Wetherspoons spitfire can be dissapointing but that is wetherspoons for you.

In cans or bottles it is much better and very nice chilled.

From a Shepherd Neame owned pub it is excellent. The flavor is destinctive and it is a very drinkable beer.

Submited On: 2005-10-11

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