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We would like to welcome you to qualityales.com!

What is this site about? This is your honest, un-biased guide to the world of real ales. It's an ever expanding database containing all the UK's beers and breweries. The reviews you submit will help to give the best ales the acclaim they deserve and show the poor beers for what they really are.

How does it work? If you love real ale and want to share your opinion then become a member and add your reviews. By accessing the 'Beer Database' in the menu on the left you can search our database by Name or Brewery. You'll see all the beers are ranked out of 10, select the appropriate one - then 'Add your review'. If you sample a beer that's not there, then select 'Submit New Beer'... enter the details, then once reviewed, it will be available to all site users. But remember, you have to be a registered user to submit a review! Becoming a user is quick, easy, and free! just click 'Login' to the left.

We need your help! without your comments on the huge array of beers out there this site would be nothing, so... if you sup it, submit it!

Please remember this site is growing all the time, so check back regularly!

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The 5 Best Brewers [more]